Starpoint Kit with The Precious Stone Audio
Starpoint Kit with The Precious Stone Audio
Starpoint Kit with The Precious Stone Audio


Starpoint Kit with The Precious Stone Audio

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This bundle includes the Starpoint Kit and The Precious Stone Audio. 

Welcome to our Indigo Wisdom Starpoint kit. It supports your guided meditation.  The intent of the Starpoint kit is to activate the discovery of your full potential. 

We humans sometimes forget the importance of nature and our natural  surroundings in our journey to self-discovery. The stones, the Starpoint bracelet, the sage bundle/Cedar Stick and cleansing stone Selenite will support your self discovery. 

Each stone is connected to your Seven Starpoints. 

The first stone Red Jasper is connected to the first chakra. It activates, clears and strengthens your chakras. 

The second stone Carnelian is connected to the second chakra. It clears and  activates your second chakra. 

The third stone Yellow Calcite is connected to the third chakra. It helps one feel more confident and positive. 

The fourth stone Green Aventurine is connected to the fourth chakra. It  activates the heart for well-being and emotional calm

The fifth stone Angelite is connected to the fifth chakra. It provides quiet  strength. 

The sixth stone Sodalite is connected to the sixth chakra. It is the stone of  truth, enabling the conscious and subconscious mind to connect with one's  thoughts and feelings.  

The seventh stone Amethyst relates to the seventh chakra. This crystal  provides a soul connection and the highest self-illumination. 

A Starpoint Ceremony can be created for a special mediation that allows you to fully enjoy the discovery of your deeper purpose in life. Find a quiet place that you truly enjoy. Take the sage bundle and cedar stick and place them in a special bowl. Light them to create a  lovely scent. Place the Starpoint bracelet on your right or left wrist (let your inner being tell you what wrist to use). Sit in your meditation pose and initiate the Starpoint Meditation. At the end of the meditation pull a stone from your Indigo Wisdom Bag. Now let the journey of self-discovery begin for you to understand what the stone is speaking. 

The Precious Stone MP3 is a story of self discovery. You will learn through Trust, Patience, Acceptance, Non-Judgement, Forgiveness, Kindness and Compassion that true joy can be achieved. Travel through the Sacred Forest of Truth with Joan to explore the Precious Stone.